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Hi, everyone! :)
Here's another weekly recap of Proto Blast development. I worked on cleaning the code from temporary codes, applying some changes, and did some tests. As mentioned on recap #51, GDevelop now allows for exporting the game with Cocos2d-JS. And I think it's a good time to try it. I tinkered with it by following GDevelop and Cocos2d-x documentations, but haven't found a way to use Android Studio to compile the game, since the docs still refer to the now replaced Android SDK. I still have Android SDK in my computer, so I chose to try using it. However, it still asked for more dependency (Android NDK), so I needed to get it first. Well, let's see how it turned out next week, though :)
Hello, everyone! :)
The development of Proto Blast continues. This week, I continued working on the story/conversation assets. Aside from the visual assets, I also worked on the audio. I created the music for level clear. It is done and I already exported it and even tested it on the game. With the addition of the level clear music, I needed to adjust some game commands. I did some tests, but I'm still not really satisfied yet on how the music sounds. Maybe some adjustments could make it better.

Well, that means no new finished assets yet, though. So, the dones list below are still pretty much the same. However, after doing more tinkerings and play-tests, I think more stuff need to be added, so, well, the todos is getting even longer than before :p
Hello, everybody! :)
Another steady progress of Proto Blast development this week. I've got to go to the capital for an event this Monday, so, I couldn't go FULL FORCE on the development this weekend. In fact, I'm posting this entry in the airport, hence the earlier entry XD
I continued working on some backgrounds, but they're still staying as work-in-progress for now, so there isn't much change in the dones-and-todos list below.

I also worked on more sound effect. And the hurt SFX is done :3
I found an interesting tool called BFXR, kinda nice, but I didn't get the sound that I want. So, i worked on it with LMMS instead, just like how I made some of the SFX before.
Hi, everybody! :)
As I mentioned in the 58th weekly recap *) of Proto Blast development, I wanted to add some kind of enemy counter to the game's GUI. And~ consider it done ;)
What's more, it also doubles as an enemies sensor. Yep. That's also something I planned to refine the gaming experience. There is a chance that you've reached the boss area, but the boss tile won't open just yet. That means there is (are) still amoeba(s) left out there! It would be hard to go back all the way to the starting area of the level to simply track down 1 or 2 amoebas we missed. That's when the counter and sensor become great helps. With the counter, you'll see how many enemies left to unlock the boss area. When there is (are) amoeba(s) in the sensor radius, the sensor blinks, so you know where to start looking if you missed any amoeba ;)
Hello, everyone! :)
It was another steady progress of Proto Blast development this week. I did some play-tests on the game, especially to see how the fix I applied previous week affects the game. Since it actually fixes a rare occurence, I didn't really get a thorough results. But the levels are working nicely.

Aside from that, I continued working on the story assets. And, well, at least some stuffs are done this week :)

Here are the done assets:
  • Conversation Background: Level 1
  • Conversation Background: Level 4
  • Conversation Background: [...]
Hi, everyone! :)
Proto Blast development still continues at a kinda steady pace this week. Regarding the problem with enemy that gone missing as mentioned on recap #79, I worked on the fix. In addition to fixing the movement pattern as I did several weeks ago, I add another layer of protection: a barrier. So, if the said enemy goes too far that it would be unreachable by player, it would touch the barrier and... get destroyed. Well, might not be the nicest solution gameplay-wise, but I'd say nice enough.
I haven't done thorough tests across all the levels, but it should be working fine.
Hello, everybody! Here's a quick update on the development progress of Proto Blast :)
A quick update? Yeah. Just that? Yeah.
Well, to put it bluntly, this week recap will be another quick one ^^; I'm still working on the dialog/story assets. And, so, I don't think I have that much to tell other than which are done and which aren't yet.

Here are the done assets:
  • Conversation Background: Level 1
  • Conversation Background: Level 5
  • Conversation Sprite: amoeba
And here are the to-dos/WIPs:
  • Conversation [...]
As mentioned in Proto Blast development recap several weeks ago, I was also working on another development project. I decided to create Proto Blast using a game engine instead of creating it from scratch because I want to make product while learning. And, so, jumping further to the code-learning, I decided to make a simple app, that is even said to be the "standard" example people use when learning a new language, just a little bit further from "Hello World": to-do list.

But I refuse to make it that simple.
I want it to be a solid app. So, I decided the set of features that it's got to have:
  • task categories
  • marking, unmarking, and deleting tasks
  • drag and drop to rearrange tasks
  • some levels of customization

And here it comes, simplyDo. Ready to accompany you from your Android devices :)
Hello, everyone! :)
Okay~ let's start with this. Honestly, the progress for Proto Blast development this week is kinda minimal. Not that I regret it that much, though :p Because I actually worked on another project, which is almost ready to publish. In fact, I already submitted it to Google Play, but it looks like I still need to wait until it is available.
But, yeah, as minimal as it could be, progress is progress.

I still am working on an the assets. And really, that's all.
So, well, I think it might be a good time to list the assets that need to be done. And, here they are:
  • Conversation [...]
Hi, everybody! :)
Okay, here's another weekly recap of Proto Blast development. It will be a quick one, though. The play-tests and bugfixes continues. This time, the focus is on level 5. I noticed problem and applied fix on the movement pattern of some enemies. I also changed the commands that triggers dialog on several levels from the obsolete dialog system to the new one.

From the play-tests, I think more feedback on the events that the user is hurt is needed. I'm considering to add a sound effects for it. I'd say that this level seems to be challenging in a fun way just like the fourth [...]