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Hi, everyone!
Eid Mubarak! May Allah accepts from us and you. :)
It is the second Eid al-Fitr during the development of Proto Blast, and, well, it has been a long 150 week already, eh? The work on dialog scenes continues. And finally, all the dialogs from the previous version of GDevelop has been replicated on the new GDevelop 5, including some fixes applied, and even better, a new dialog added! Yep, the dialog for mission accomplishment is now available.

That completes the planned dialog and now we can start working on something that is more of a core before testing how this [...]
Hello, everybody! :)
It is around the last days of this year's Ramadan and Eid day is coming. But of course, the development of Proto Blast continues. This week sees a kinda slow pace again, though. I simply continued working on replicating the dialog, and, well, since I don't have much to tell on that, this recap is another quick one.

It is still going to take some more time to complete replicating the lengthy opening story dialog to the new version of GDevelop, but I expect it to be finished next week, along with adding a new dialog for the mission accomplishment story.
Well, that's [...]
Hello, everyone! :)
Welcome to the 148th weekly recap of Proto Blast development. I'm still working on replicating the game to the new GDevelop 5, and specifically, this week the main focus is still on the dialog. Turned out that replicating stuffs is not as simple as it sounds. Seems like there are changes to how the engine works between GDevelop 4 and GDevelop 5, since the dialog scene didn't work as expected by simply recreating the same commands on the new GDevelop.
When I tried to preview the scene, it didn't properly recognize the dialog ID. Thus, it didn't display the scene properly. After some tinkering on looking on which line the problem was, it turned out that the new GDevelop doesn't handle the global variable the same way as GDevelop 4. In the old version, I use both value (numerical) and string (text) on global variable dialogID, and it works fine. But that's not the case in GDevelop 5, so I decided to tidy the commands up by only using numerical value. That makes it simpler, though. And then it works properly :)
Hi, everybody! :)
Here's the 147th weekly recap of Proto Blast development, and the work on replicating the game to the new version of GDevelop continues :)
During the replication work, I noticed several problems on the old project, so I fixed them along with applying the fixed version on the new project for the replicated scenes. There are still plenty to work on that, though. For now, at least all the scenes except the dialog scene and game levels are successfully replicated :)
Oh, yeah, game levels, that's the core, though XD
Well, that's the main part, and of course need more time and effort to replicate. But once at least a level is done, we can start testing on how it performs and how well the export to mobile (Android) feature works in this new version of GDevelop ;)
Hi, everyone! :)
The work on Proto Blast continues, specifically on replicating the game to the new GDevelop 5. Albeit kinda confusing due to the change of interface, after doing some work in it, I had to admit that this new version of GDevelop is more intuitive than GDevelop 4. Being a beta, there are still some noticeable problems, though. One of them is its inability to open the last used folder when selecting image to add to the game. It always defaults to Recently Used files, so if we want to add new image, we have to go through all the folder to its location.

The nice thing is that now game previews in a standalone window instead of opening in a browser. It makes testing the game easier.
There are still plenty to do till the game level is ready to test, so I'll continue on working on the replication.
Hello, everybody! Welcome to the 145th weekly recap of Proto Blast development :)
As mentioned on previous week's recap, I've got exam on Sunday, so this one's another quick recap.
I'm still continuing the test/work on replicating the game in the new version of GDevelop. The change from GDevelop 4 to GDevelop 5 turned out to be kinda drastic, though. So, I also need to get used to the new interface first.

Well, I think that's pretty much all I can tell for this recap. I hope it will be replicated enough for a play-test at least by the end of the next week.
Stay [...]
Hello, everyone! :)
Here's the 144th weekly recap of Proto Blast development. It is a quick one, though. I've got exams on this week's Sunday and the next one, so I needed to prepare for them. With the new version of GDevelop, I need to do some tests before deciding whether I'll stick to the old one or migrate the game, manually, by recreating it in the new version since it doesn't allow us to import old version's project.

So, that's what I'm doing. I'll see how it works, but it needs time to reach a playable stage to test.
Okay, I think that's all for now. Stay tuned for the [...]
Hi, everybody! The 143rd weekly recap of Proto Blast development is here :)
With the game features is considered complete, it's time to revisit some stuffs that was left from quite a while ago: exporting the game to Android ... only to find out that Intel XDK has already been discontinued. Now we have to use Phonegap Build. I've tried to use it before, albeit with unsatisfactory result. But time has passed since then, so it's time to give it another chance! :)

... And the result wasn't any better than before :(
Previously, it built the game and resulted in an .apk file. Now, it doesn't even build it. It shows the error, but even the linked page doesn't clearly tell how to solve the problem.
Hi, everyone! :)
It is sad to say, but the development of Proto Blast's kinda on hiatus this week. In term of the game commands and assets, that is. In preparation for release (yeah, that's coming, although I feel more polish should be done beforehand ;) ), I need to fix some stuffs first. As you may already know, Proto Blast has a comix story that was published on Ngomik, but, well, all of a sudden ngomik.com is not accessible anymore for quite a while already.

So, I'm still looking for a new place to host the comic. The options are Ciayo, OokbeeComics, and... this very site, upforward, probably by adding a new subdomain. But I prefer to simply re-publish it on an already established platform, though.
Hello, everybody! Welcome to the 141st weekly recap of Proto Blast development! :)
Picking up from what I was working on before, the work on audio mechanism continues. While working on completing the SFX for all levels, I noticed that the level clear music had only been applied on the first level O_o
So, I worked on that, while adjusting it to match the new mechanism. It is currently played as sound instead of music, but I'm considering on changing it so that it still plays when the SFX is set to off, because, well, it literally is music.

I also noticed [...]