This Week on Proto Blast #141
Hello, everybody! Welcome to the 141st weekly recap of Proto Blast development! :)
Picking up from what I was working on before, the work on audio mechanism continues. While working on completing the SFX for all levels, I noticed that the level clear music had only been applied on the first level O_o
So, I worked on that, while adjusting it to match the new mechanism. It is currently played as sound instead of music, but I'm considering on changing it so that it still plays when the SFX is set to off, because, well, it literally is music.

Level Clear!

I also noticed that something else need the SFX mechanism to be applied to, that's dialog. So, I applied the commands there.
With all those done, it's time to do some play-tests :)
Regarding the story music, after some tests, I decided to simply drop it since I think it won't be that necessary since it is not the integral part of the gameplay. So, the list of assets that need to be done will be like this:
  • Music: Story - Normal (optional) *dropped*
  • Music: Story - Intense (optional) *dropped*
Well, I think that's all for now. Stay tuned for the next recap :)
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