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Yes, I know. It has been a long time, but finally, multiConvert comes to the long-intended platform: Ubuntu Touch! :D

Running HTML5 app from the SDK on Ubuntu emulator had been broken for a long time (it even shows only black screen for quite some time), and I am really glad that it is finally fixed. Things are now working much better.
I also finally get to run Ubuntu on an actual device, so there's no holding back now :)

multiConvert v.1.2 for Ubuntu

multiConvert is coming to Ubuntu Touch with the same version as the current Android and Firefox OS builds, v.1.2.
It is ready to grab from the Ubuntu Store, published under the Utilities category. If you are on an Ubuntu Touch device, tapping the install button below will take you to the official appstore.
You can also check it out on the unofficial appstore for Ubuntu Touch apps at https://uappexplorer.com/app/multiconvert.upforward
Yay, here is an update on multiConvert for Ubuntu! :3 Here it is in its current state:

In accordance to Ubuntu Touch design guidelines, the Ubuntu version has a bottom toolbar for navigation. The toolbar is supposed to be swipable and hidden by default, but it is currently always visible, as reported in a bug report. So, if you take a look at the source code, you'll see that I add bottom padding to make sure it is not blocking the content in a lower-resolution devices. If the swipable toolbar is implemented, it should be removed, though :)
It has been a while since my entry about the work on Ubuntu-izing multiConvert. Lately, the updates on the Ubuntu SDK has been exciting in the HTML5 side. Came the Ubuntu HTML5 UI template, and even better, Ubuntu Cordova template. The SDK itself is currently in beta with some hard edges and still takes time to be ready, but I'll update on the Ubuntu-izing work soon. So, stay tuned :)

It is a good chance to really get a grasp on how Ubuntu's HTML5 app is styled, and I decided to put an update on multiConvert's apprarance. And, hey, that's far from being all :3

multiConvert v.1.1: Restyled, More Platform

Firefox OS and its smartphone devices have been released some times ago, and it really is a great environment for HTML5 apps. If even the OS itself is HTML5, it should do HTML5 the right way, shouldn't it? ;)
Ubuntu Touch SDK is obviously in an early stage, but the works on Apps for it have already been quite active. And so, multiConvert is currently on the stage of porting to Ubuntu :)
Up till now (March 30), the Go mobile section of Ubuntu App Developer site indicates that it is our choice to develop apps for Ubuntu natively or using HTML5, but at the same time leaves us unclear about how to deploy HTML5 app in Ubuntu. But hey, to simply make it run, it is easy! :D
I said in the previous post that lately I got new interest: app/game development. I got my Android device, and found something missing compared to my previous phone which is a feature phone: unit converter software. It is a smartphone, I have options to fulfill the need of a unit converter software, I can easily grab one from Google Play store, or.. take this as an opportunity to jump into app development world.

And I chose the second option.

The programming language that I know most at this time is for web development. However, it is a good time now, as HTML5 is already a popular language to create an application/game. Yes, I pick HTML5 to bring my knowledge beyond web development. It's handy, as learning it will converge to my web development skill too.