This Week on Proto Blast #148
Hello, everyone! :)
Welcome to the 148th weekly recap of Proto Blast development. I'm still working on replicating the game to the new GDevelop 5, and specifically, this week the main focus is still on the dialog. Turned out that replicating stuffs is not as simple as it sounds. Seems like there are changes to how the engine works between GDevelop 4 and GDevelop 5, since the dialog scene didn't work as expected by simply recreating the same commands on the new GDevelop.
When I tried to preview the scene, it didn't properly recognize the dialog ID. Thus, it didn't display the scene properly. After some tinkering on looking on which line the problem was, it turned out that the new GDevelop doesn't handle the global variable the same way as GDevelop 4. In the old version, I use both value (numerical) and string (text) on global variable dialogID, and it works fine. But that's not the case in GDevelop 5, so I decided to tidy the commands up by only using numerical value. That makes it simpler, though. And then it works properly :)

Previewing Dialog Scene

Working on the dialog scene replication made me realize that the game is stil missing an essential dialog. It is the closing/ending dialog. Hey, we've got an opening story and stuffs, there's no way we're going to let it end with simply a "Mission Accomplished" scene, right? ;)
So, that's the next stuff I need to do. Once the dialog is complete, it will be time for the main stuff: replicating the game levels.
Okay, I think that's all for this week's recap. Stay tuned for the next one :)
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