upforward, social responsibility, and my way of doing things
upforward. So, here it is. A new website appears on the highly populated world wide web. Look at the footer, and you'll find what this website is about. My homepage, framework, documentation and notes.

So, what's the deal about that?
I love being an artist, both traditional and digital, with interest in manga/anime-style art. But there's more. I am an Ubuntu Operating System user, and -at least for my own projects so far- a web developer. Lately, I've got more interest: app/game development. Yep, such a group of interests. From those, I still put my biggest interest in arts, but I of course need a way to handle my other projects too. Or, a one-stop place, a home, to host my projects in general.

I graduated from college at some point of Q4 2011, and after some time, I realized a problem.
I got to be at the office from Monday to Friday, from morning to afternoon, and that's okay. I still got plenty of time to fiddle and have fun with those interests and projects I have.
However, I found a sheer decrease in productivity. Heck, I thought it was the so-called culture shock. From the college life, to office life. I thought it would end soon after, and I would be back on track again. But meh. That unproductivity continues throughout 2012. Crazy. It definitely is a problem. I don't think a mere culture shock lasts that long.

I need action.

That was something to solve. I tried to build my spirit and productivity, realized how much delayed my aims are. I got a project stuck at the sketch of chapter 8 from 9 chapters, since a while before graduation!
That's bad and I need to fix it.

Some times ago, I bumped to the talk about social responsibility. How we let others know about what we're going to achieve and the progress, that it will pump us to really work toward achieving it. That sounds like the thing. The way only I keep my projects private (only few, very few people knew about the project stuck at chapter 8 of 9 I talked above), might be the reason to the lack of spirit.

So, with the social responsibility in mind, I decided to publish my works more than in my deviantART page. upforward will be the hosts for my Works and Progress, along with a space for me to take Notes of things in my life.
The main site is more of a development notes and release announcements holder, while the finished products will be categorized under subdomains. As of the release time of this website, you can see a subdomain in the footer, one for Apps. Next to it is a section for related links, which holds links related to my works.

I think that pretty much explains what upforward is about. And I hope I can make better progress from now on. See you soon in another post ^^
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27 Dec 2014, 03:33
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