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So, I've got my hands on Aukey Ora WD-06 lens kit. It is a combination of macro lens and wide angle lens. Unlike the far more expensive Moment lenses, it doesn't need any special case to attach to your phone. The kit features a clip-on design, so it will work on most smartphones. Just clip it on top of your phone's camera lens, and you are ready to shoot. Make sure to position the lens properly for the best result. To switch from wide angle to macro lens, simply unscrew the wide angle part of the lens.

Aukey Lens is considered one of the best, if not the best, budget lens kit for smartphones. It retailed at $29.99 on Amazon (as of February 9, 2020), and is rated to have excellent price vs performance ratio. Along with the lenses, the professional looking cardboard package comes with an EVA pouch to store and carry the lens, a DSLR-style lens cap, a microfiber cloth to clean the lenses, and a plastic clip to attach the lens to smartphone. The lenses are made from high quality glasses and aluminum. The lens kit definitely has nice build quality. So, let's see how it makes differences to mobile phone photography.
Mobile phone, and especially smartphone photography, has come a long way since its inception. With the likes of Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, and Apple iPhone, it takes a little effort to capture share-worthy photos. One may even dare to say that it is hard to take bad photos these days. The quality of photos taken by mobile phone can often be undishtinguishable from those taken with 'real' camera.
So, is it an exaggeration to say that mobile phones these days can replace your DSLR camera? Whoops, don't take it that far.

No matter how good a phone camera is, those mirrorless and DSLR cameras still have some edges. One of them is the versatility of having interchangeable lenses.
Many phones these days come with multiple cameras, but you will still be limited to those built into them. And we should also mention that one of the best phone series for photography, Google's Pixel phones, up to this year's Pixel 3a, only offer single back camera.
Subete wo hakaishi, subete wo tsunage.
Decade's journey through the worlds continues. And this time, he happened to come to a world that's really different from anything he's seeh before.

You know you won't mess with her. You just know.

Okay. One thing that I was kinda disappointed from Miku's Figma 2.0 is that it doesn't include her leek! :/
If Miku's got her leek, she won't need to summon Shadow Moon and Mashin Chaser to beat the pulp out of Decade. Maybe :p
However, it as a whole is a nice package :)