This Week on Proto Blast #142
Hi, everyone! :)
It is sad to say, but the development of Proto Blast's kinda on hiatus this week. In term of the game commands and assets, that is. In preparation for release (yeah, that's coming, although I feel more polish should be done beforehand ;) ), I need to fix some stuffs first. As you may already know, Proto Blast has a comix story that was published on Ngomik, but, well, all of a sudden ngomik.com is not accessible anymore for quite a while already.

Inaccessible :(

So, I'm still looking for a new place to host the comic. The options are Ciayo, OokbeeComics, and... this very site, upforward, probably by adding a new subdomain. But I prefer to simply re-publish it on an already established platform, though.

Okay, I hope more stuffs can be done next week. Stay tuned for the next recap :)
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