Getting Around a Graphics Tablet
I got my graphics tablet several weeks ago, and have been tinkering with it for a while. It is Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch Small. Yes, the member of the series which is now replaced by the Intuos series. Somehow they suddenly replaced it after I bought it! Is this a conspiracy?! O_o


This is my first graphics tablet, so, instead of giving it a thorough review, sharing my thoughts on how it works with my digital arts sounds more appropriate. However, I don't think that there are much to say about it either XD XD
Well, something for sure, compared to using mouse to draw, it lets me draw more naturally. As you might already know, I do my digital arts with GIMP. The pressure sensitive feature of the tablet works great for sketching, but for now, I prefer to turn the pressure opacity off for linearts. As using pen lets our hands work more naturally, doing coloring/shading more dynamically becomes easier.

Working in the floor, yeeaah! :P

I think, Wacom deserves to be the brand to go for graphics tablets. My friend stated that Hanvon is in the same level with Wacom, but hey, what good is it if it doesn't have a good Linux support? ;) Wacom works out-of-the-box under Ubuntu, and even a configuration app for Wacom Graphics Tablet is installed by default.
Now, let me make a recap on what I did ;)

First thing first, I made a full drawing, to see what would come up for someone who has just started to get around the thing. And of course, it's gotta be Paijem ;)

Click the image for "Tapping the Tab" in deviantART

Not much difference compared to when I draw with mouse, though. Well, of course, since I drew it with the same style XD

I did imagine some kind of soft-shaded result for the character, but then realized that I haven't even been accustomed with such style yet XD So, for now, I'll focus on getting accustomed with the tool first, the graphics tablet.

And then, I decided to simulate my hand-drawing style. Drawing comic-style directly with a graphics tablet turned out to be easier than I thought.

"Fian & Anna from MECH" -- What is MECH? You'll find out later ;)


For a comic, I was hesitant whether I should hard-shade it or use tones. So, I tried to do some toning.

"After-School Exercise"

... Yeah, even after drawing it I'm still hesitant XD XD

Those are the results. Along with the need to get accustomized with the tool, I also in need of improvements in doing backgrounds. Okay, let's do what needs to be done ;)
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Vadim P.
28 Oct 2013, 13:30
Thanks for the review!
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