Work on Ubuntu-izing multiConvert
Ubuntu Touch SDK is obviously in an early stage, but the works on Apps for it have already been quite active. And so, multiConvert is currently on the stage of porting to Ubuntu :)
Up till now (March 30), the Go mobile section of Ubuntu App Developer site indicates that it is our choice to develop apps for Ubuntu natively or using HTML5, but at the same time leaves us unclear about how to deploy HTML5 app in Ubuntu. But hey, to simply make it run, it is easy! :D

Heya. Of course it works!

Just start a new HTML5 project, point to index.html of our source code (HTML5 app assets), and voila. It is ready to run.
I don't know whether this is the correct way or not, though, since as indicated before, there are currently no clear guide. Nevertheless, it works.


However, there are things that I need to sort out before calling it a release.

Window Size

The first noticeable thing here is that the app starts in such a small window that we need to resize it to start using it.

Now that is what I call small..

I need to figure out how to define its default size, so that it starts in proper view.

Cursor Problem & Jumpy Form Objects

The app works. It converts well and I can navigate back using backspace key. However, selecting text makes the cursor stay in text mode even though we move to previous view.

The cursor stays in text mode

The other problem is jumpy <select></select> items. When we click on one of the input, it sometimes is displayed correctly, but at other times messed up, displayed on top side of the app.
When we scroll the input (in an attempt) to get the full view of the options, the problem is not solved (the options will still be shown partially), and another problem appears: the page will be pushed down and the app looks messy.

Jumpy form object

Page being pushed down

Web pages behave normally in browser, so why does an HTML5 app behave this way? It needs to be solved.
For deployment of HTML5 Apps in Android or Firefox OS, we need a specific manifest file to accompany the HTML5 codes. I wonder if such file is also necessary for Ubuntu.

Any help? Any information? It would be great ;)
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25 May 2013, 06:33
Great job bro! I just download the multiConvert source code and run it in Qt Creator, and it works!
08 Jun 2013, 11:44
@bagus: Thanks, bro! Improvements are welcome! ^^
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