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Hello, everybody! :)Here's Proto Blast development's 116th weekly recap. Continuing from the previous week, I'm still working on the project for my office, and the time is kinda pressing, so it is sad to say that the development got an even smaller attention this week :(
However, just like any previous week, even under such circumstances, a progress shall be made. I continued working on the dialogs for the opening story. And just like previous week, it is still not done yet.

Naturally, the done and todo lists of the assets below are still the same as previous week.
Here are the done [...]
Hello, everyone! Welcome to the 115th weekly recap of Proto Blast development! :)
I've got a project to do for my office, and even need to go on weekend, so, yeah, it is sad to say that this week, this project kinda got little attention :(
However, a progress shall be made, and it is. I simply continued working on the dialog for the opening story. And I think that's pretty much I can tell for this recap, since it is still not completed yet.

With that said, the lists of done and WIP assets below are still the same as previous week.
Here are the done assets:
  • Conversation [...]
Hi, everybody! :)
I got plenty of activities out of town this week including the weekend, but of course, the development on Proto Blast continues. However, I don't have many stuffs to tell.
I simply continued working on the dialogs. There are still some parts that need to be created, so I need more time to finish them.

Naturally, that means that the done and WIP list below will stay the same as previous week for now.
Here are the done assets:
  • Conversation Background: Level 1
  • Conversation Background: Level 2
  • Conversation Background: [...]
Hi, everyone! :)
The work on Proto Blast development continues. I don't think I have many things to tell for this week's recap, though. I simply worked on the dialogs that will occur throughout the levels.
Regarding the dialog mechanism, I decided that it is better that the Skip button is available on any dialogs, instead of only in the opening story. The decision is made because there is in-level dialog that is relatively long. Although it contains information for that level's gameplay, it may be redundant to read it all the way through when you're replaying the game.

With the focus [...]
Hello, everybody! :)
It is the 112nd weekly recap of Proto Blast development, and finally we got some noticeable progress! The last set of dialog sprite is finally done! When doing the coloring, I realized that I made a mistake regarding Joni's sprite. His trousers should be the same as "Om Mesum"'s (I haven't really decided on his real name or what to call him in English -- pervy guy, maybe?), but instead I made it like Sonya's. And, so, I fixed that too.

And of course, with all the dialog sprites are done, it's time to focus the work on the dialogs themselves! I did some work on that, along with tinkering with some styling that I think can be improved.
Hello, everyone! Here's a nice combo number for the weekly recap of Proto Blast development: 111! :)
Sounds like a milestone, eh? That's pretty nice an all, but it is sad to say that I was kinda lazy (again) on the project this week.
I continued working on the last set of dialog sprite, but it is still not finished yet. But at least the lineart for both planned expressions are done. Aside from that, I also did some more tinkering with the dialog system itself.

I came up with an idea of streamlining the dialog system, but when I tried to implement it, it turned out to be not as good as I imagined.
And so, I don't think it is an exaggeration to say that it is wise to expect no change to the dones and todos lists below :p
Hi, everyone! Welcome to the 110th weekly recap of Proto Blast development :)
The work on visual assets continues. Aside from working on the last dialog sprite set, I also made adjustments to the others. One of them is adjusting the brightness level for inactive sprites. Previously, I set it at -20, but it still seems not that different to the active ones so that it might still provide confusion when running the dialogs. So, I adjusted it to be -30 and that seems better.

I also needed to make fixes for some sprite sets, namely Tukiyem in school uniform and Joni. It turned out that I made them too short (not in term of body proportions, but in deciding their lower parts that I don't need to draw), so I needed to patch their lower parts or else they will look shorter than intended. With that done, they fit nicely with the rest of the other characters' sprites now.
That said, the stuffs listed as WIP is staying WIP for now, though. So, the lists below is still the same as last week.
Hello, everybody! :)
Here comes the 109th weekly recap of Proto Blast development. Well, a late one since I got a night flight and haven't made the recap before boarding. I hate to say it, but I should be honest that this week I didn't do much for the project :(
I simply do some works on the dialog and that's all. I worked on another design project and haven't managed to make time to work on the remaining set of dialog sprites.

And so, with all the remaining assets are still in WIP, the items in dones and todos lists below are still staying the same as the previous week's.

Here [...]
Hello, everyone! :)
It's the 108th weekly recap of Proto Blast development! Yep, the same number as those Stars of Destiny in Suikoden games. And.. We're still on steady pace this week XD
I simply continued working on the remaining assets, namely the last set dialog sprites and the music.

I also worked on the dialog, including on the skipping mechanism. As mentioned in an earlier recap, the skip option will appear in the opening story, to make it skippable for those who have already run it before or those who simply want to skip it.

But, well.. With all the remaining assets are still in WIP, the items in dones and todos lists below are still the same as the previous week's.
15 months, yeah. And even closer to 16 XD
You may not even remember it, but I mentioned on an earlier entry that I would tell more about my experience on upgrading my machine with a Solid-State Drive (SSD) after spending more times using it.
And, yeah. Then over 15 months passed XD

The SSD I got is Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB. It's powered by 3D V-NAND Technology and comes with 5 year limited warranty.
The package includes:
  • the SSD unit
  • Installation Guide
  • Warranty Statement Summary
  • One-stop Install Navigator Manual & Software CD

I simply enjoyed my experience with the SSD and then forgot to write about it XD
Really, even after all those months, it turned out that I don't have many of things to tell.
That's it: I simply enjoy it.
Things got really smoother and faster. Even LibreOffice that used to take a long time to start with hard disk drive, now starts up really nice and fast.