This Week on Proto Blast #150
Hi, everyone!
Eid Mubarak! May Allah accepts from us and you. :)
It is the second Eid al-Fitr during the development of Proto Blast, and, well, it has been a long 150 week already, eh? The work on dialog scenes continues. And finally, all the dialogs from the previous version of GDevelop has been replicated on the new GDevelop 5, including some fixes applied, and even better, a new dialog added! Yep, the dialog for mission accomplishment is now available.

Mission accomplishment dialog added!

That completes the planned dialog and now we can start working on something that is more of a core before testing how this new version of GDevelop performs regarding the mobile (Android) export: replicating the game level(s)!
It will take more work from now on, so, stay tuned for next week's recap for the progress on that :)
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