This Week on Proto Blast #143
Hi, everybody! The 143rd weekly recap of Proto Blast development is here :)
With the game features is considered complete, it's time to revisit some stuffs that was left from quite a while ago: exporting the game to Android ... only to find out that Intel XDK has already been discontinued. Now we have to use Phonegap Build. I've tried to use it before, albeit with unsatisfactory result. But time has passed since then, so it's time to give it another chance! :)


... And the result wasn't any better than before :(
Previously, it built the game and resulted in an .apk file. Now, it doesn't even build it. It shows the error, but even the linked page doesn't clearly tell how to solve the problem.

I also found out that GDevelop has got new version available, that is version 5, and that the old one, version 4 won't be supported anymore. Well, no wonder it hasn't got any update for quite a while. In the hope of a better result, I downloaded GDevelop 5.0.0 with plan to open the game project in it, but sadly, it won't let us to.

New GDevelop! :) Won't import old GDevelop projects :(

It only opens GDevelop 5 project. I didn't find a way to convert GDevelop 4 project into GDevelop 5 one, so the options for now is:
  • recreate the project in GDevelop 5
  • stick to GDevelop 4 (and only release the game in its well-supported platform(s))
The second options seems to be more logical and practical, but I should do more researches on those options before deciding.
I think that's all for this week's recap. Stay tuned for the next one :)
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