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Hello, everybody! :)
If you take a look at the post history of this site, you'll see that it has been long since I post the weekly progress for Proto Blast development. Almost a year, actually. Seriously, next day, July 29, will mark exactly one year since the last entry of This Week on Proto Blast series. It has been long since the game levels are completed. So, what's hindering the release?

Mobile support. That the controls didn't work as expected on mobile devices left me procrastinate so long on the release, but that's no more. Rather than waiting for the game engine to be mature enough for the intended control mechanism for the game, I decided that it is better to just release the web/desktop version for now. And when the opportunity comes, which is when the mobile support of the game engine reached the level I need for the game, we can expect to release the mobile version.
Hello, everyone! :)
It's the 156th weekly recap of Proto Blast development, and finally we're reaching the new step on it: exporting the game to Android via GDevelop 5!
The work this week revolves around testing and bugfixing of the first level so that it is ready to be called done, and for PC version, it is :)
It works well with keyboard, but hey, that's what the state of the game is when it is made in GDevelop 4, so with the bugs squashed, it naturally should. So, the next step is: testing how the Android export works in this version of GDevelop, and testing the touch controls in an Android device :)
Hi, everybody! The work on Proto Blast development continues, and here's the 155th weekly recap! :)
Continuing the work from the previous week, the first level is finally replicated on the new GDevelop 5! Along with some fixes, of course :) However~ I won't call it finished yet. After doing some tests, there still some problem in it.
One of the problem is~ actually the thing I thought has been fixed with the release of GDevelop 5 as I mentioned on previous week's recap. Yep, the music loop. Turned out that it is not that simple. Yes, it does loop when the scene simply plays till the end. However, when pause is involved, thing is different. After the level was paused and the scene changed to dialog, when we return to the level, the music is not playing. It may be caused by the fact that the music commands is set to start at the beginning of the scene.
Hi, everyone! :)
Here's the 154th weekly recap of Proto Blast development! The work on replicating the first level into playable state in GDevelop 5 continues, and the work is now focused on the game commands/events.
It is still not done yet, so I don't think I've got plenty to tell since basically all the stuffs should be working once all the commands are replicated.

However, one thing should be noted. On GDevelop 4, I have to apply a workaround for the game's music to loop. It is good to see this bug has been fixed in GDevelop 5. Now, the loop option in the music event works as it [...]
Hello, everybody! :)
Welcome to the 153rd weekly recap on the development of Proto Blast! Continuing the work form the previous weeks, finally the replication of the first level's sprites and tiles into the new GDevelop have been finished. Some stuffs are also have been made more efficient.

That doesn't mean that the replication of this level is done, though. Not yet. I still have to recreate the game commands. I have started on that, so hopefully it will be done and can be tested next week.
Well, I think that's all, so I'll leave this recap as a quick one. Stay tuned for next week's [...]
Hello, everyone! :)
It is the 152nd weekly recap of Proto Blast development. The work on replicating the game levels continues.
I had planned to stick with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS until the point release of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (18.04.1) comes out later this July, so that I can simply upgrade it via software updater. But then, I had a problem with my laptop on the weekend. Started with sound problem that got worse after I tinkered with it for a solution, I decided to reinstall the OS itself. Well, and of course, I decided to simply fresh install 18.04 LTS instead of waiting for upgrading.

And found out that GDevelop 4 is not available for 18.04 LTS XD
Of course, the support has been dropped. There is no release for Bionic Beaver (18.04 LTS) in GDevelop PPA, so, I had to pick the deb file for Xenial Xerus (16.04 LTS) and install it along with its dependencies manually.
Hi, everybody! :)
Here's the 151st weekly recap of Proto Blast development, and we're on the core of the work regarding the game replication to the new GDevelop 5, which is: replicating the game levels!
But that obviously sounds like the most part of the work eh? XD
Yep, for the first level only, I've got to replicate hundreds of instances to recreate it. What's that saying? Yep, we need backward compatibility~!

And that means it will take more time to complete.
Albeit a single level has got plenty of stuffs, since it is recreating, I know where the stuffs should be. So, I hope [...]
Hi, everyone!
Eid Mubarak! May Allah accepts from us and you. :)
It is the second Eid al-Fitr during the development of Proto Blast, and, well, it has been a long 150 week already, eh? The work on dialog scenes continues. And finally, all the dialogs from the previous version of GDevelop has been replicated on the new GDevelop 5, including some fixes applied, and even better, a new dialog added! Yep, the dialog for mission accomplishment is now available.

That completes the planned dialog and now we can start working on something that is more of a core before testing how this [...]
Hello, everybody! :)
It is around the last days of this year's Ramadan and Eid day is coming. But of course, the development of Proto Blast continues. This week sees a kinda slow pace again, though. I simply continued working on replicating the dialog, and, well, since I don't have much to tell on that, this recap is another quick one.

It is still going to take some more time to complete replicating the lengthy opening story dialog to the new version of GDevelop, but I expect it to be finished next week, along with adding a new dialog for the mission accomplishment story.
Well, that's [...]
Hello, everyone! :)
Welcome to the 148th weekly recap of Proto Blast development. I'm still working on replicating the game to the new GDevelop 5, and specifically, this week the main focus is still on the dialog. Turned out that replicating stuffs is not as simple as it sounds. Seems like there are changes to how the engine works between GDevelop 4 and GDevelop 5, since the dialog scene didn't work as expected by simply recreating the same commands on the new GDevelop.
When I tried to preview the scene, it didn't properly recognize the dialog ID. Thus, it didn't display the scene properly. After some tinkering on looking on which line the problem was, it turned out that the new GDevelop doesn't handle the global variable the same way as GDevelop 4. In the old version, I use both value (numerical) and string (text) on global variable dialogID, and it works fine. But that's not the case in GDevelop 5, so I decided to tidy the commands up by only using numerical value. That makes it simpler, though. And then it works properly :)