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Regarding my artworks, you can easily find a link to my deviantART page on the footer of upforward's pages. But I rarely post my comic there. I used to post my comic work on NGOMIK.com, but it has been quite a while that the service discontinued. I need a new place to republish my old comics as well as my new works. I considered several alternatives like CIAYO Comics and even Webtoon, but I'm not really fond of webtoon's vertical format. I really prefer comic book-like format of NGOMIK, but it's kinda hard to find an alternative, especially a local one, since my comic works are mostly in Indonesian.
As mentioned in Proto Blast development recap several weeks ago, I was also working on another development project. I decided to create Proto Blast using a game engine instead of creating it from scratch because I want to make product while learning. And, so, jumping further to the code-learning, I decided to make a simple app, that is even said to be the "standard" example people use when learning a new language, just a little bit further from "Hello World": to-do list.

But I refuse to make it that simple.
I want it to be a solid app. So, I decided the set of features that it's got to have:
  • task categories
  • marking, unmarking, and deleting tasks
  • drag and drop to rearrange tasks
  • some levels of customization

And here it comes, simplyDo. Ready to accompany you from your Android devices :)
I said in the previous post that lately I got new interest: app/game development. I got my Android device, and found something missing compared to my previous phone which is a feature phone: unit converter software. It is a smartphone, I have options to fulfill the need of a unit converter software, I can easily grab one from Google Play store, or.. take this as an opportunity to jump into app development world.

And I chose the second option.

The programming language that I know most at this time is for web development. However, it is a good time now, as HTML5 is already a popular language to create an application/game. Yes, I pick HTML5 to bring my knowledge beyond web development. It's handy, as learning it will converge to my web development skill too.
upforward. So, here it is. A new website appears on the highly populated world wide web. Look at the footer, and you'll find what this website is about. My homepage, framework, documentation and notes.

So, what's the deal about that?
I love being an artist, both traditional and digital, with interest in manga/anime-style art. But there's more. I am an Ubuntu Operating System user, and -at least for my own projects so far- a web developer. Lately, I've got more interest: app/game development. Yep, such a group of interests. From those, I still put my biggest interest in arts, but I of course need a way to handle my other projects too. Or, a one-stop place, a home, to host my projects in general.