This Week on Proto Blast #155
Hi, everybody! The work on Proto Blast development continues, and here's the 155th weekly recap! :)
Continuing the work from the previous week, the first level is finally replicated on the new GDevelop 5! Along with some fixes, of course :) However~ I won't call it finished yet. After doing some tests, there still some problem in it.
One of the problem is~ actually the thing I thought has been fixed with the release of GDevelop 5 as I mentioned on previous week's recap. Yep, the music loop. Turned out that it is not that simple. Yes, it does loop when the scene simply plays till the end. However, when pause is involved, thing is different. After the level was paused and the scene changed to dialog, when we return to the level, the music is not playing. It may be caused by the fact that the music commands is set to start at the beginning of the scene.


And, so~ I applied the previous workaround as used in GDevelop 4.
It still needs more tests to call it done and package it to Android app for test. So, I think the result on that still has to wait for the next recap. Stay tuned :)
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