The State of Proto Blast and Current Plans
Hello, everybody! :)
If you take a look at the post history of this site, you'll see that it has been long since I post the weekly progress for Proto Blast development. Almost a year, actually. Seriously, next day, July 29, will mark exactly one year since the last entry of This Week on Proto Blast series. It has been long since the game levels are completed. So, what's hindering the release?

Mobile support. That the controls didn't work as expected on mobile devices left me procrastinate so long on the release, but that's no more. Rather than waiting for the game engine to be mature enough for the intended control mechanism for the game, I decided that it is better to just release the web/desktop version for now. And when the opportunity comes, which is when the mobile support of the game engine reached the level I need for the game, we can expect to release the mobile version.

So, that's the plan. What to do now?

Promo materials are on the way. Following the end of NGOMIK.com service several times ago, and as I've just announced on the release of a new subsite, upforward Komik, Proto Blast comic has been made available again on upforward. Currently, only the Indonesian version is available, but the English version will be made available before the game's release.

Proto Blast page on upforward Komik

Dropping the mobile/touch version means more opportunity to focus on the keyboard-controlled version. So after some necessary polish, it should be ready for release. The planned enhancements are:
  • better dialog mechanism, to avoid confusion on which character is talking
  • better backgrounds
  • removing unnecessary contents since touch mechanism will be made unavailable for initial release

Okay, since those enhancements are basically polishes to make the game release-ready, the next updates won't be in weekly format anymore. When I think enough informations are available to share, I'll post an update. Stay tuned :)
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