This Week on Proto Blast #151
Hi, everybody! :)
Here's the 151st weekly recap of Proto Blast development, and we're on the core of the work regarding the game replication to the new GDevelop 5, which is: replicating the game levels!
But that obviously sounds like the most part of the work eh? XD
Yep, for the first level only, I've got to replicate hundreds of instances to recreate it. What's that saying? Yep, we need backward compatibility~!

Seriously in need of backward compatibility~

And that means it will take more time to complete.
Albeit a single level has got plenty of stuffs, since it is recreating, I know where the stuffs should be. So, I hope I can finish the first level quickly to start testing how the game work with GDevelop 5.
Stay tuned for the next recap :)
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