This Week on Proto Blast #156
Hello, everyone! :)
It's the 156th weekly recap of Proto Blast development, and finally we're reaching the new step on it: exporting the game to Android via GDevelop 5!
The work this week revolves around testing and bugfixing of the first level so that it is ready to be called done, and for PC version, it is :)
It works well with keyboard, but hey, that's what the state of the game is when it is made in GDevelop 4, so with the bugs squashed, it naturally should. So, the next step is: testing how the Android export works in this version of GDevelop, and testing the touch controls in an Android device :)

Running on Nexus 5X

And for the first part, it works well :)
With its built-in feature to export the game to Android, we have to rely on GDevelop 5's server to build the APK for the game. The engine still allow us to build the game manually with Cordova if we choose to do so, but the online build works well as it successfully made an installable APK ready to be downloaded. So I put the APK and install it on my Android device, tried to run it, and yay~ It works!

Well, comparing it to how the game looks when running on my laptop, it doesn't look as crisp as expected, but at least it runs.
However, the touch controls didn't work as expected during my tests. I need to investigate stuffs regarding that matter. Multitouch seems to be working, so, I hope it is as simple as fixing some events to make them work as expected. So, stay tuned for the next recap :)
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