New Subsite: upforward Komik!
Regarding my artworks, you can easily find a link to my deviantART page on the footer of upforward's pages. But I rarely post my comic there. I used to post my comic work on NGOMIK.com, but it has been quite a while that the service discontinued. I need a new place to republish my old comics as well as my new works. I considered several alternatives like CIAYO Comics and even Webtoon, but I'm not really fond of webtoon's vertical format. I really prefer comic book-like format of NGOMIK, but it's kinda hard to find an alternative, especially a local one, since my comic works are mostly in Indonesian.

And so, I think my previously released comics would find a better home in my own website.
Doing a new comic series on Instagram is actually tempting, but for now, I need to make my old works available to read again. So, here comes upforward Komik.

upforward Komik

"Why komik, and not comic(s)?" you might ask.
As I mentioned earlier, my comic works are and will most likely published in Indonesian language. So, I chose komik, as a product identity, and also as a way to tell the world that it is what comics are called in my part of the world :)
There are plans and occasions that I will post comics in English, though. For example, planned English version of Proto Blast komik. That's the reason why the subsite will still use English like the rest of this website, to facilitate both Indonesian and English content, which should be distinguishable enough.

upforward Komik on mobile

The layout for the site is currently simple enough. As more contents are added, the layout may be changed to facilitate physical comic books and externally hosted comics. As it is in early state, constructive feedbacks are highly appreciated :) With navigation in JavaScript, upforward Komik should have no trouble operated modern browser in both desktop and mobile devices.
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