simplyDo: Keep track of what to do. In style.
As mentioned in Proto Blast development recap several weeks ago, I was also working on another development project. I decided to create Proto Blast using a game engine instead of creating it from scratch because I want to make product while learning. And, so, jumping further to the code-learning, I decided to make a simple app, that is even said to be the "standard" example people use when learning a new language, just a little bit further from "Hello World": to-do list.

But I refuse to make it that simple.
I want it to be a solid app. So, I decided the set of features that it's got to have:
  • task categories
  • marking, unmarking, and deleting tasks
  • drag and drop to rearrange tasks
  • some levels of customization

And here it comes, simplyDo. Ready to accompany you from your Android devices :)


Featuring a bold style, the catchphrase is: Keep track of what to do. In style.
You'll be presented with a categorized mode by default, but if you chose to do it simple, you can disable it. The categories you create will be accessible from the tabs below the header. You have the option to set the colors and icon when creating a category.
It is simple to operate the app. Add a new task from the input. Drag and drop to rearrange them. Tap on the text of the task list to mark it as done (or unmark it if you are tapping on a marked task). And to delete, simply use the ✕︎ button.

Actually, I wanted this app to be an Ubuntu-first app. However, because of the recent decision regarding click package and migration to snap, added by the condition that my Ubuntu phone is in a problem, I decided to publish it to Android first, just like with multiConvert.

And that's it. For more informations about the app and to download it, simply go to simplyDo page in upforward Apps:
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