Announcing multiConvert, a real-time unit converter software
I said in the previous post that lately I got new interest: app/game development. I got my Android device, and found something missing compared to my previous phone which is a feature phone: unit converter software. It is a smartphone, I have options to fulfill the need of a unit converter software, I can easily grab one from Google Play store, or.. take this as an opportunity to jump into app development world.

And I chose the second option.

The programming language that I know most at this time is for web development. However, it is a good time now, as HTML5 is already a popular language to create an application/game. Yes, I pick HTML5 to bring my knowledge beyond web development. It's handy, as learning it will converge to my web development skill too.

And now, here it is. I'm announcing...



It is a simple app, really. Just like I said before, I need a unit converter software, and that's what I created. I added some touch compared to what I have in my previous phone, though. Real-time conversion result and options to enable/disable thousand separator and to limit the decimal number to suit our needs.

The conversions it supports are:
  • Weight
  • Length
  • Area
  • Volume
  • Temperature

"I know that style!" :D

Hey, that design! :D

Well, you might have already noticed where the app design come from. I like Ubuntu Phone app design guideline, and to keep multiConvert looks consistent in any platform, I chose to follow it.
That being said, of course, I plan to release multiConvert for Ubuntu too. :)

For now, the Android version is ready to grab at any time. For detailed information about the software and to download it, simply go to multiConvert page in upforward Apps:
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