Update on multiConvert for Ubuntu, waiting for Click Packages to be ready
Yay, here is an update on multiConvert for Ubuntu! :3 Here it is in its current state:

multiConvert for Ubuntu

In accordance to Ubuntu Touch design guidelines, the Ubuntu version has a bottom toolbar for navigation. The toolbar is supposed to be swipable and hidden by default, but it is currently always visible, as reported in a bug report. So, if you take a look at the source code, you'll see that I add bottom padding to make sure it is not blocking the content in a lower-resolution devices. If the swipable toolbar is implemented, it should be removed, though :)

Currently, the toolbar contains only back button. That somehow feels... strange. Especially in the app's home, since the back button won't do its function. But for now, it is okay as long as the navigation works.

Then again, the problem on <select></select> element doesn't seem to be solved yet. No drop-down is even shown, both with Cordova Ubuntu template and the HTML5 UI template. It still works by clicking on it and selecting with arrow keys on the keyboard, though. I was thinking to submit a bug report, but unsure which package is affected.

Click it and... it won't even react :P

About the source code, there are (of course) some differences to the Android and Firefox OS ones. Most notably, the ones between two comment tags (<!-- --> *** <!-- -->). Yes, I do that to make them easy to identify. Simply hit the button below to grab the source code.

Well, I actually want it to be available in a PPA right now, but I guess I should wait for Click Packages to be implemented for an easier packaging. Click package is a new, simplified format for app pakcages for Ubuntu. Currently, it only supports QML projects. Hopefully it gets ready soon, since the current packaging process is indeed that complicated XD
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