The Continuation of multiConvert - ENTER: Firefox OS
It has been a while since my entry about the work on Ubuntu-izing multiConvert. Lately, the updates on the Ubuntu SDK has been exciting in the HTML5 side. Came the Ubuntu HTML5 UI template, and even better, Ubuntu Cordova template. The SDK itself is currently in beta with some hard edges and still takes time to be ready, but I'll update on the Ubuntu-izing work soon. So, stay tuned :)

It is a good chance to really get a grasp on how Ubuntu's HTML5 app is styled, and I decided to put an update on multiConvert's apprarance. And, hey, that's far from being all :3

multiConvert v.1.1: Restyled, More Platform

Firefox OS and its smartphone devices have been released some times ago, and it really is a great environment for HTML5 apps. If even the OS itself is HTML5, it should do HTML5 the right way, shouldn't it? ;)

So, with the advent of multiConvert v.1.1, along with the updates on multiConvert for Android, let me announce: multiConvert for Firefox OS.

multiConvert v.1.1 for Firefox OS

I prefer multiConvert to have single HTML codebase for any platform, but currently, it isn't that easy to do so. Android's webview doesn't do well with JavaScript history.back() function, so it relies on its own back button to navigate to previeous activity. Firefox OS, however, doesn't have back button, so it uses the JavaScript instead (and it actually is what I prefer). So, instead of having a monochrome logo of multiConvert in the title area, multiConvert for Firefox OS has an in-app back button for navigation. It is the same with Help and About page.

It is available to install from Firefox Marketplace, and the updates on the Android version is also ready to install.

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