Problem with The Web Host, and Switching to a New, Better One
It was last Sunday. I was just about to post a new weekly recap for Proto Blast, when I realized that upforward can't be accessed. What happened? I can open my other site (Ubuntu Klik!), though. So I logged in to the web host's member area, and found this crazy thing:

Abuse?! I don't remember abusing anything with my site!

Cancelled for Abuse.
What? Really?! How come? I didn't think I abused anything, and even worse, I had't heard anything about this cancellation.
I checked my email. Oh, right, they've been spamming my inbox so much on April 20. MySQL Slow Query, they said.

The spammed mails

The spammed mails

I find the shown queries strange, though. What's with that " or (select * from (select(sleep(10)))ndzb) and \\\'fpbj\\\'=\\\'fpbj\\\'" or "and elt(6643=6643,sleep(10)) and \\\'qumu\\\'=\\\'qumu\\\'"?
I didn't make any queries like that on my PHP file hosted on the server. If you know anything about it, I'll welcome any information.

But hey, being accused for abusing is not the best thing to happen on any day, dude. And even worse, after googling some information, if your site is cancelled for abuse by 000webhost, it means it's gone. It can't be reactivated or restored.
Bad, really bad.
I'm not sure how this happened. I think I'll still need to find out what caused the slow query, and improve my knowledge on web programming, but.. Their way of doing this cancellation stuff looks really bad to me.
I need to get this site up and running again quickly, and, well, I think it is time to move. Yes, I used a free web host for this site. So, I decided to pick a paid hosting now. I'd say that an upgrade :)

The last time I backed up mySQL database from the webhost server was around the end of March, and the last entry that I was able to restore is This Week on Proto Blast #34. I had to repost the entries after that until This Week on Proto Blast #37 with approximation on the posted time.

Well, it takes time for the nameservers change to take effect, but now it's online again. upforward, returns :)
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