This Week on Proto Blast #34
Hello, everyone! How's your long weekend? :)
I was in my hometown this holiday. Well, I spent more time with my family than with the project this weekend, and I'm posting this entry on the train to Jakarta. I did some touches on it, but there's not much to tell about the level design. However, I can tell all this below regarding the touch control :)

I continued the implementation of the touch control, fixing some things that need fix such as the shooting mechanism. It works well with keyboard, but worked strangely with the touch control. It does shoot when the button pressed, and it shoots to the angle the player is facing, but when the player turned to the other side, the bullets also changed direction ^_^;
Previously, I added the commands to determine the bullet's direction as subevents of the shooting event. I fixed it by defining the bullet angle at the main event itself, by defining the direction as a variable depending on where the player character is facing.

The merged commands.

Those are the merged commands. The greyed-out commands are the old ones, which are deactivated and deleted later on, after I merged the touch and keyboard controls.

With the current set of touch controls for the running game is all implemented, it's time to test it out on a real touch-based device again :)
However, another obstacle appeared, this time from Intel XDK :(
The latest update of Intel XDK (release 3088, March 23) forced users to move from Cordova 4.*.* to Cordova 5.*.*, which break the compatibility of many plugins. The multitouch plugin works well with Cordova 4.1.2, but after the update, the XDK failed to build/debug the game to an Android device.

Intel XDK Error

When the multitouch plugin is disabled, it runs the game successfully in my Android device. And this time, using debugging menu instead of previewing the app via Intel's App Preview, the game runs nicely in full screen, as intended :)

Proto Blast running full-screen
Pulling Android's control via edge-swipe while playing

However, since the game was running without multitouch plugin, the control becomes clumsy :(
Well, since Google even gave warning regarding the use of older Cordova version, I guess the problem in inevitable. We'll need to wait until the multitouch plugin is updated to work with the latest Cordova.

Okay, I think that's all for now. Stay tuned for the next recap :)
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