This Week on Proto Blast #130
Hello, everyone! Here's the 130th weekly recap of Proto Blast development :)
Last week, I somehow forgot that there is a problem regarding the sound volume that I mentioned on recap #128. So, I continued tinkering on GDevelop for a solution. The problem seems to be that the sound volume variable only affects the sound when it is set after the sound has started playing. Thus, setting the volume with the condition that a sound on a channel is being played seems to work. However, it is not without a problem. The problem is that there is a delay before the command to set the volume affects the sound that is being played. Thus, it makes the sound plays at default volume (100%) briefly at start, and then at less volume afterwards.

More works on the 8-bit musics

The work on the 8-bit version of the main theme music also continues. And, considering that the main theme would be in 8 bit if it turns out to be better, it would make it inconsistent if the other musics stays as they are now. So, I also tinkered on the level clear music. They still need some works, though.
So, here are the list of assets that need to be done:
  • Music: 8-bit versions of available ones
  • Music: Story - Normal
  • Music: Story - Intense
And here are the game parts that need to be done:
  • Sound Volume Mechanism
Okay, that's it for now. Stay tuned for the next recap :)
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