This Week on Proto Blast #101
Hello, everybody! Welcome to Proto Blast's 101st weekly development recap! :)
The project still continues at a steady pace this week. I continued working on the remaining dialog sprites. For the school-uniform version of Tukiyem's dialog sprite, at least the base for the lineart is done and I've started working on the coloring. However, they are still a work-in-progress for now. So, well, the list of dones and todos below are still the same as previous week.


I also tinkered with the XDK again with a freshly exported project from GDevelop. Well, no news on that part, though. I was still greeted with the same old black screen. I tried looking into GDevelop forum, but haven't found any hints about that matter.

Here are the done assets:
  • Conversation Background: Level 1
  • Conversation Background: Level 2
  • Conversation Background: Level 3
  • Conversation Background: Level 4
  • Conversation Background: Level 5
  • Story Background: Park
  • Story Background: Headquarters
  • Conversation Sprite: amoeba
  • Conversation Sprite: Sonya
  • Conversation Sprite: Mac Jegagik's Assistant
  • Conversation Sprite: Tukiyo
  • Sound Effect: Hurt
  • Music: Failed
  • Music: Level Clear
And here are the to-dos/WIPs:
  • Conversation Sprite: Tukiyem (shool uniform)
  • Conversation Sprite: Joni
  • Conversation Sprite: "Om Mesum"
  • Music: Main Theme

Okay, I think that's all for now. Stay tuned for the next recap :)
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