This Week on Proto Blast #93
Hi, everyone! Welcome to another weekly recap of Proto Blast development! :)
As I mentioned in the previous entry, I was on annual leave this week. And~ more stuffs are done. I continued working on the visual assets (backgrounds, dialog sprites), and at least the sprites for Mac Jegagik's Assistant and Tukiyo, our main character's little brother, are done :)
Aside from that, I also revisited the Intel XDK, the app that's supposedly used to package GDevelop projects into Android apps. I exported the game to use in Intel XDK, and tried to build the Android package of it. As I mentioned in recap #34, the multitouch plugin was deemed out of date due to Cordova update. And so, with the multitouch plugin enabled, the XDK failed to build the game. Building the game using Phonegap Build won't do miracle either, as it also failed to build when the plugin is on and won't allow us to use older, compatible Cordova version too.

Deprecated :/

And, it looks like another limitation is set on the XDK after update. We'll need to build our app via Cordova CLI or Phonegap Build since the build-on-server feature is going to be axed later on. It says "The Intel® XDK cloud-based Cordova build system has been deprecated."

And, with the multitouch plugin disabled, I finally built an .apk file of the game with Phonegap Build. And it runs on my Android device :) .. with problem, though.

Proto Blast Test on Android Device!

Touch up and Tukiyem jumps up. Touch righ/left and the character moves accordingly. Touch between up and right/left and she jumps to the direction. Hold on shoot button and the bullets shoot. Tap on A/B and the special moves work.
So, what's the problem?
The problem is, multitouch is still not supported :( If the character is walking and you press the shoot button, the movement will be interrupted. If while shooting you tap the movement button, your shoots will be interrupted.

Well, with no update made on the multitouch capabilities on the XDK plugin (as of the time this entry is posted, the GitHub page for the plugin shows that the latest commit was on 6 Aug 2015), and with the GDevelop's Cocos2d-JS export is still experimental, I seriously consider releasing the Android version later, if by the time the game is finished, there's still no viable way to package it well for Android. It might be better to simply release the game for the web first, and wait for the feature to export HTML5 games made via GDevelop to Android to be mature enough.
... That's what I thought before finding something in GDevelop roadmap that led to multitouch example in GDevelop around this evening. Well, I still haven't tested or investigate it much, so I'll check it out before deciding on how to handle the Android version.
Well, I think that's enough recap, rants, and plans for this week's recap :p

Here are the done assets:
  • Conversation Background: Level 1
  • Conversation Background: Level 2
  • Conversation Background: Level 4
  • Conversation Background: Level 5
  • Story Background: Headquarters
  • Conversation Sprite: amoeba
  • Conversation Sprite: Sonya
  • Conversation Sprite: Mac Jegagik's Assistant
  • Conversation Sprite: Tukiyo
  • Sound Effect: Hurt
  • Music: Failed
  • Music: Level Clear
And here are the to-dos/WIPs:
  • Conversation Background: Level 3
  • Story Background: Park
  • Conversation Sprite: Tukiyem (shool uniform)
  • Conversation Sprite: Joni
  • Conversation Sprite: "Om Mesum"
  • Music: Main Theme

Okay then, stay tuned for the next recap :)
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