This Week on Proto Blast #89
Hi, everybody! :)
It was a long weekend, and I spent it in my hometown. I went back on Sunday night, but the plane was delayed, hence the late recap.
Continuing the attempt to run the game with Cocos2d-JS from previous week, I finally got the environment regarding Android's SDK and NDK set up. I succesfully exported the game to be used in Cocos2d and then built the game's APK. However, when I tried to run it in my Android device, all I get is a black screen :/

Just Black

Looks like more stuffs need to be done to make it runs with Cocos2d.
I also continued working on the assets. And with some tinkering, I'd consider the Level Clear music done :)

Here are the done assets:
  • Conversation Background: Level 1
  • Conversation Background: Level 4
  • Conversation Background: Level 5
  • Story Background: Headquarters
  • Conversation Sprite: amoeba
  • Sound Effect: Hurt
  • Music: Failed
  • Music: Level Clear
And here are the to-dos/WIPs:
  • Conversation Background: Level 2
  • Conversation Background: Level 3
  • Story Background: Park
  • Conversation Sprite: Tukiyem (shool uniform)
  • Conversation Sprite: Tukiyo
  • Conversation Sprite: Mac Jegagik's Assistant
  • Conversation Sprite: Sonya
  • Conversation Sprite: Joni
  • Conversation Sprite: "Om Mesum"
  • Music: Main Theme

Well, I think that's all for this week's recap. Stay tuned for the next one :)
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