This Week on Proto Blast #76
Hello, everybody! :)
The work on finalizing Proto Blast continues. I'm still working on the dialog assets and system. There are still many assets that I need to create before it's ready, especially for the opening story. So, I don't think I'll have many to tell on this week's recap. Previously, I considered the opening story to be frame-by frame comic-like style. However, with the new dialog system, I think it is better to tell the story a la visual novel style.

The opening story will take place when the player starts a new game. So, I changed the link in the game's start scene to adjust to it.

Not directly to the level anymore :3

I also enable the player to skip this opening story, in case he/she has already played it before or for any other reason. So, I made a skip button that will be displayed when the story takes place on the scene.
And, well, I think that's all for this quick recap. Stay tuned for the next progress recap :)
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