MECH, the long-delayed project
From the previous entry, you might notice about MECH. In this entry, I want to share about it.
Let's get a bit nostalgic ( :P ) by revisiting my first entry on upforward.

That was something to solve. I tried to build my spirit and productivity, realized how much delayed my aims are. I got a project stuck at the sketch of chapter 8 from 9 chapters, since a while before graduation! That's bad and I need to fix it.

And MECH, is the very project I was talking about.

What. Is. MECH?

MECH is a comic project I started back in around the 5th semester in college. It may be called a sci-fi comic, but I guess it is more of an action one.

An artwork from 2011

The story takes place in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. It revolves around a special educational institute named Hypertech Institute of Indonesia which collects students with high and even exceptional intelligence from across the nation. However, from hacking the institute data, Fian (18), a student with a noticeable sense of justice, found some twisted relation between the institute and mysterious cases that happened lately. In the recent years, there are mysterious disappearances of residents in some areas throughout the country.

At the same time, he's got interest in Anna (18), an unsociable girl which is popular for topping every course in her first semester at the institute. His curiosity on the case led him to investigate it, inadvertently dragged Anna into danger. However, what he saw in the girl is even more unbelievable. She is the one who possesses the ability to fight the organization behind the institute. That starts their fight against them.

I worked on that, really. Sadly, like I said in the first entry, it was stuck at the sketch of chapter 8 out of 9 chapters. Up till now, the progress had been very slow, and I decided to finish it as quickly as possible. I want to finish it.

What I did on this lately

You might notice that lately I published several artworks about MECH. Yes, let's call that preparations or warm-ups ;)
Here's what you could find in previous entry. I drew this to try how drawing comic-style artwork would feel using a graphics tablet, as well as getting accustomed with the tool.

Fian & Anna

And another piece that I published on Facebook:

Lia & Angga

I also did a redraw to my earlier artwork from 2010, a concept art for Anna. Here's the comparison:

Click the image for "Draw This Again: Anna" in deviantART

You can click the image to go to the deviantART page, and the full resolution of the redraw version image is available at [MECH] Anna.

2014: indie or via publisher, get MECH published

The storyboard sketch, concepts, and some earlier artworks

It has been delayed for too long. So, I'd just set a simple but obvious target for now: finish it, and publish it. 2014. Now that the target is set, I need to put some real efforts. So, basically, here's what I need to do:
  • Finish the storyboard sketch
  • Sketch the comic pages
  • Ink the comic pages
  • Scan the comic pages
  • Give finishing touches to the comic pages
  • Publish the comic book

... Okay, that sounds pretty much obvious, eh? XD XD
Well, let's get down to be more specific. I'd set the deadline of finishing the storyboard sketch (including making necessary adjustments of the previous chapters) the end of this year. If you look closely at the photo, you may find that my storyboard sketch is too detailed. I realized that doing it that way seems to be a mistake, but with only 1-2 chapters left, I'll stick with that style for now. By the end of December, the story should be complete.
I think it is better to do the sketching and inking chapter by chapter, so I plan on doing it that way.

Yes, setting 2014 as the targeted time is still less specific. I hope to get a better-defined timeline when I work on drawing the real comic pages. I'll share the progress here in upforward. Stay tuned ;)
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