Why Ubuntu?
Up to some times ago, I got confused when getting asked "What is the advantage of Ubuntu?" XD

Some friends, seeing me using my notebook and realizing that the operating system in front of me is Ubuntu instead of Windows, threw me such question. So, why the confusion? I can just show them what can be found on internet about Ubuntu's edge over other operating system. Well, yeah. I do realize that. I realize that Ubuntu is a powerful and secure operating system. We have no need to bother with viruses. We have no need to bother with Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). However, actually, even when using Windows, I don't really care to such problems XD

Ubuntu Desktop

I started to know Ubuntu, at that time version 8.10 Intrepid Ibex, from my friend in my first semester of college.
He pulled my interest to try it, and well, that was my intention at start, just trying. However, I then found, this thing is real.

It's Free

I don't think that needs further explanation XD
Ubuntu is a free software, it is free to use and distribute, and has a consistent release schedule. We can get a system that is up to date for free and legal. Of course, even though I need a legal operating system for my computer, free only is not enough. Who wants to use a lame thing that can't even be used?

There are so many alternatives we can use instead of Microsoft Windows. Linux distributions themselves are plenty.
However, I like Ubuntu because of its development which is built around the focus on user experience. It has the vision to take computing to a better experience.

It Works

Office software? It is provided. Who said that to write, we must use Microsoft Office? I finished writing my analysis report for my college final assignment with LibreOffice. Even further, I didn't see the need to be confused when the lecturers asked us to submit PDF file.
Multimedia? Plenty of video and audio players to fulfill the need.
Creative suite? GIMP. Inkscape. Audacity. Blender. They are powerful tools. It is up to us to depend on prorietary software such as Photoshop or learn how to do things with free and open source software.

When it comes to compatibility problem to applications used by other people, that is not something to deny. It is clear: we are using different applications :3 However, let's talk about result: I DID IT. IT WORKS.

I want to do legal creativity, and Ubuntu gives me the chance for that easier than proprietary operating system.

Powerful Multitasking Environment

Workspaces in Ubuntu

It is hard to deny, when using Microsoft Windows, I missed the workflow in Ubuntu. I missed workspaces, I missed spread mode to handle multiple windows. In Ubuntu, we can separate open windows to different workspaces. This is a great help, especially if we are used to be in front of computer with many different applications open at the same time.

About stability, fast and stays fast (Ubuntu will stay fast even though we install plenty of applications), and such, they are true. They are cool. They kick ass. However, the reason as to why I use Ubuntu is actually simple. Ubuntu fills my needs. Ubuntu can be used. :3
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