This Week on Proto Blast #137
Hello, everybody! :)
It's the 137th weekly recap of Proto Blast development, and this week still sees another quick recap. The work on audio settings mechanism continues, and finally I can bring the good news, albeit with some sacrifices on intuitiveness. It looks like GDevelop is having trouble with single-button mechanism. The buttons didn't work when I set them as single switch for both enabling and disabling music/sound effects (SFX). So, the workaround is by having a button for each ons and offs, and that means four buttons in total. Two for music, two for SFX.

The settings scene is fully functional now! :)

Well, as I said, it is a workaround and less intuitive than what initially planned, but it works. Green buttons are active, so you just need to hit the other button to choose it.
I still need to adjust the levels to work with this new mechanism. If things work well, it should be done by the next weekly recap.
So, here are the list of assets that need to be done:
  • Music: Story - Normal (optional)
  • Music: Story - Intense (optional)
And here are the game parts that need to be done:
  • Sound Volume Mechanism (on game levels)
Okay, I think that's all for now. Stay tuned :)
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