This Week on Proto Blast #129
Hi, everybody! :)
The work on Proto Blast development continues. Picking up from what we left previous week, I worked on the Pause and Settings on Pause mechanisms. And they're done :)
Player can now pause the game by hitting Enter/Return on keyboard or tapping the HP/SP indicator on screen. Why Return? Well, actually I intended it to be Escape key. I tried to implement that, but it didn't work, both in Firefox and Chrome. Seems like it's a bug in GDevelop.

Settings on Pause

I also modified the return button on the Settings page when it is accessed from the pause menu. Normally the button shows "return to title", but when the scene is accessed from pause, it will show "return" instead. The button will also work accordingly. The "return to title" will lead you to title, while "return" will return you back to pause scene. And from the pause scene, you can resume the game or end the game by returning to title.

I also continue tinkering with the 8-bit version of the music. When the tempo is fastened, it sounds nice. However, I find it is kinda too short if I'm sticking with the original melody. So, it still needs some work.
Thus, here are the list of assets that need to be done:
  • Music: Story - Normal
  • Music: Story - Intense
Well, That's it for this week's recap. Stay tuned for the next one :)
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