This Week on Proto Blast #123
Hi, everyone! We've come to another pretty number of Proto Blast development weekly recap, 123 :)
Well, it is sad to say, but this one is another quick recap.
Still with a steady pace, the work on the opening story continues. I added more content to the dialogs, and also tune some of previously added dialogs up. Along with those, I noticed that something need to be added to the game's assets. A simple thing. A black background. And I added it.

Added Black Stuff

Well, those are definitely less progress than I expected. And, so, the lists below are staying the same as last week.
Here are the list of assets that need to be done:
  • Music: Story - Normal
  • Music: Story - Intense
And here are the game parts that need to be done:
  • Opening Story
  • Help Page
  • Credits
Okay, I think that's all. Stay tuned for the next recap :)
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