This Week on Proto Blast #121
Hello, everyone! :)
It is still a steady pace for Proto Blast development. I've got to work on several projects for stuffs for an event on Saturday, so I've got little time to work on my personal projects during the week.
I continued working on tuning the dialogs for the opening story. I also experimented with the dialogs' font.

Experimenting with fonts for dialogs

The font that is currently used for the dialog is Ubuntu Light, but I'm considering fonts that might be more suitable for a game. So, I decided to experiment on fonts like Return of Ganon or Orange Kid. As seen in the image above, Return of Ganon (top) looks cropped. It might be only a matter of positioning, but the font also doesn't display asterisk (*) as intended. I'm still considering other options, but for now, Orange Kid seems like a better choice.
And, so, with such small progress for the week, here are the list of assets that need to be done:
  • Music: Story - Normal
  • Music: Story - Intense
And here are the game parts that need to be done:
  • Opening Story
  • Help Page
  • Credits
Okay, I think that's all for now. Stay tuned for the next recap :)
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