This Week on Proto Blast #120
Hi, everyone! :)
Here's another recap of a week with a steady pace for Proto Blast development. Err, well, I'm also working on revamping multiConvert, so I think it was kinda forgivable, but it is still a sad thing to say that this game's progress is still slow. I continued working on the opening story. Actually, it has reached the end of the story, but it still needs more work to call it done, including grammatical checks and maybe some polishes.

Still on the Story~

And so, the lists below are still the same to last week.
Here are the assets that need to be done:
  • Music: Story - Normal
  • Music: Story - Intense
And here are the game parts that need to be done:
  • Opening Story
  • Help Page
  • Credits
Okay, that's it for now. Stay tuned for the next recap :)
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