This Week on Proto Blast #113
Hi, everyone! :)
The work on Proto Blast development continues. I don't think I have many things to tell for this week's recap, though. I simply worked on the dialogs that will occur throughout the levels.
Regarding the dialog mechanism, I decided that it is better that the Skip button is available on any dialogs, instead of only in the opening story. The decision is made because there is in-level dialog that is relatively long. Although it contains information for that level's gameplay, it may be redundant to read it all the way through when you're replaying the game.

More Works on The Dialogs!

With the focus of this week's development being on the dialogs, the lists of the done and WIP asssets below are still the same to the previous week.
Here are the done assets:
  • Conversation Background: Level 1
  • Conversation Background: Level 2
  • Conversation Background: Level 3
  • Conversation Background: Level 4
  • Conversation Background: Level 5
  • Story Background: Park
  • Story Background: Headquarters
  • Conversation Sprite: amoeba
  • Conversation Sprite: Sonya
  • Conversation Sprite: Mac Jegagik's Assistant
  • Conversation Sprite: Tukiyo
  • Conversation Sprite: Tukiyem (shool uniform)
  • Conversation Sprite: Joni
  • Conversation Sprite: "Om Mesum"
  • Sound Effect: Hurt
  • Music: Main Theme
  • Music: Failed
  • Music: Level Clear
And here are the to-dos/WIPs:
  • Music: Story - Normal
  • Music: Story - Intense

I think that's it for this week's recap. Stay tuned for the next one :)
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