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Hello, everybody! :)
It's the 137th weekly recap of Proto Blast development, and this week still sees another quick recap. The work on audio settings mechanism continues, and finally I can bring the good news, albeit with some sacrifices on intuitiveness. It looks like GDevelop is having trouble with single-button mechanism. The buttons didn't work when I set them as single switch for both enabling and disabling music/sound effects (SFX). So, the workaround is by having a button for each ons and offs, and that means four buttons in total. Two for music, two for SFX.

Well, as I said, it [...]
Hello, everyone! :)
The work on Proto Blast continues. This week's recap is another quick recap, though. I continued working on the sound volume mechanism, and sadly, even after some tinkering, it is still not working. I changed the variable type from number to text, and even tried adding a timer since I noticed that it seems like the value is changed back immediately to the previous value when I do tests, and it is still not working as expected.

Regarding the music, I decided to drop the 8-bit version. Considering the effort needed to create them, I don't think it add much to the gameplay [...]
Hi, everyone! :)
I have just returned to my hometown tonight, and was kinda tired and.. overslept. Hence, the late recap for week #135 of Proto Blast development. It is another quick one, though.
I'm still trying to find out the solution to the music and sound mechanism problem. The button click is actually works as proven when I added a sound effect as a response to the click, so the problem is more likely with the variables regarding the audio.

I also reverted the sound commands to be channel-less so that they don't suffer the cancelling problem.
Well, [...]
Hello, everybody! :)
The work on Proto Blast continues. This week's recap is a quick one, though.
Regarding the sound volume problem, since the solution seems like nowhere to be found (at least where I bumped to), I decided to change the mechanism instead. Instead of enabling the player to set the both music and SFX volume individually, I decided to make the volume control works for audio in general, and then let the user choose to enable/disable the music or SFX.

However, it is still not working as expected, so I need to tune some of the codes before calling it ready. So, the lists [...]
Hello, everyone! :)
Here's the 133th weekly recap or Proto Blast development. And, as mentioned on previous week's recap, the entry is posted on Monday instead of Sunday due to long weekend activities. Well, yeah, I've got a trip, and I've got to say that this week's progress is kinda minimal.
The solution for sound volume mechanism problem is still on the look, and after tinkering with it some more, it is still not found yet.

I tried adding the command to modify the sound volume right before every sound on a level is being played (on the same action box), [...]
Hi, everyone! Here's the 132nd weekly recap of Proto Blast development. :)
Well, I'll just say it from the start, though. The progress is kinda minimal this week. I'm in the middle of a commission project, and I also had an almost full-day activity for my study on Sunday.
Just like last week, I continued tinkering on the 8-bit audio assets, and the results aren't satisfying yet. Another tinkering was also done on the volume control problem. I tried to add an offset to the playing sound, but it strangely makes the game freeze on some of the tests, or producing strange sound on other test.
Hello, everybody! :)
Proto Blast development continues, and.. I've got to say that the progress is less than expected this week. So, well, this entry will be a quick recap.
I continued tinkering on the 8-bit music, but the result is still not as good as expected. Regarding the problem mentioned on last week's recap, I'm also still looking for a solution. A search on GDevelop forum didn't provide the result that I want, and the trial-and-error attempts are still stuck on.. well.. error.

That means the WIP/todos lists below are still the same as previous week's.
Here [...]
Hello, everyone! Here's the 130th weekly recap of Proto Blast development :)
Last week, I somehow forgot that there is a problem regarding the sound volume that I mentioned on recap #128. So, I continued tinkering on GDevelop for a solution. The problem seems to be that the sound volume variable only affects the sound when it is set after the sound has started playing. Thus, setting the volume with the condition that a sound on a channel is being played seems to work. However, it is not without a problem. The problem is that there is a delay before the command to set the volume affects the sound that is being played. Thus, it makes the sound plays at default volume (100%) briefly at start, and then at less volume afterwards.
Hi, everybody! :)
The work on Proto Blast development continues. Picking up from what we left previous week, I worked on the Pause and Settings on Pause mechanisms. And they're done :)
Player can now pause the game by hitting Enter/Return on keyboard or tapping the HP/SP indicator on screen. Why Return? Well, actually I intended it to be Escape key. I tried to implement that, but it didn't work, both in Firefox and Chrome. Seems like it's a bug in GDevelop.

I also modified the return button on the Settings page when it is accessed from the pause menu. Normally the button shows "return to title", but when the scene is accessed from pause, it will show "return" instead. The button will also work accordingly. The "return to title" will lead you to title, while "return" will return you back to pause scene. And from the pause scene, you can resume the game or end the game by returning to title.
Hi, everyone! Welcome to the 128th weekly recap of Proto Blas development :)
Continuing the work from the previous week, the volume settings mechanism is done, but not completely working. The buttons for adjusting the music and sound effects (SFX) are now working to control the global variables that are used to define the music and SFX volume. The music now plays according to the set volume, but the SFX volume is unaffected.
I've been tinkering on it, including by assigning all the sounds to a channel so that they are manipulatable, but it is still not working.

I also modified the title page so that it has access to settings page.