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Hi, everybody! The 143rd weekly recap of Proto Blast development is here :)
With the game features is considered complete, it's time to revisit some stuffs that was left from quite a while ago: exporting the game to Android ... only to find out that Intel XDK has already been discontinued. Now we have to use Phonegap Build. I've tried to use it before, albeit with unsatisfactory result. But time has passed since then, so it's time to give it another chance! :)

... And the result wasn't any better than before :(
Previously, it built the game and resulted in an .apk file. Now, it doesn't even build it. It shows the error, but even the linked page doesn't clearly tell how to solve the problem.
Hi, everyone! :)
It is sad to say, but the development of Proto Blast's kinda on hiatus this week. In term of the game commands and assets, that is. In preparation for release (yeah, that's coming, although I feel more polish should be done beforehand ;) ), I need to fix some stuffs first. As you may already know, Proto Blast has a comix story that was published on Ngomik, but, well, all of a sudden ngomik.com is not accessible anymore for quite a while already.

So, I'm still looking for a new place to host the comic. The options are Ciayo, OokbeeComics, and... this very site, upforward, probably by adding a new subdomain. But I prefer to simply re-publish it on an already established platform, though.
Hello, everybody! Welcome to the 141st weekly recap of Proto Blast development! :)
Picking up from what I was working on before, the work on audio mechanism continues. While working on completing the SFX for all levels, I noticed that the level clear music had only been applied on the first level O_o
So, I worked on that, while adjusting it to match the new mechanism. It is currently played as sound instead of music, but I'm considering on changing it so that it still plays when the SFX is set to off, because, well, it literally is music.

I also noticed [...]
Hello, everyone! :)
This is the 140th weekly recap of Proto Blast development, and I think I really really need to get back on track. I worked on the on/off toggle mechanism for sound effects. Basically, I need to separate the sound commands and add a condition to them, so that they only play when the SFX is set to on.

And that's got to be done on every game command that involves sound, on every level XD
Yep, it took time, but, hey, now it works!
The game is closer to release, but some stuffs need to be settled first.
So, here are the list of assets that need to be done:
  • Music: [...]
Hi, everybody! :)
Here's the 139th weekly recap of Proto Blast development. It is sad, but this week sees another small progress on the development of Proto Blast. So, well, here's another quick recap. I continued working on the sound control mechanism, so that the on/off toggle mechanism for music takes effect on game levels.

And it works :)
It has been applied on all five levels. That leaves us the on/off toggle mechanism for sound effects! That's what the next week's menu is.
So, here are the list of assets that need to be done:
  • Music: Story [...]
Hi, everyone! :)
The work on Proto Blast development continues, especially on the sound control mechanisms. This week's recap will be another quick recap, though. I worked on the game editor to apply the settings set in the settings scene to take effect on the game levels.

And yay, it works :)
I also tested it on all five levels, and it works nicely. That leaves us with the on/off toggle mechanisms for music and sound effects (SFX) to take effects on the game levels.
Ans so, here are the list of assets that need to be done:
  • Music: Story - Normal [...]
Hello, everybody! :)
It's the 137th weekly recap of Proto Blast development, and this week still sees another quick recap. The work on audio settings mechanism continues, and finally I can bring the good news, albeit with some sacrifices on intuitiveness. It looks like GDevelop is having trouble with single-button mechanism. The buttons didn't work when I set them as single switch for both enabling and disabling music/sound effects (SFX). So, the workaround is by having a button for each ons and offs, and that means four buttons in total. Two for music, two for SFX.

Well, as I said, it [...]
Hello, everyone! :)
The work on Proto Blast continues. This week's recap is another quick recap, though. I continued working on the sound volume mechanism, and sadly, even after some tinkering, it is still not working. I changed the variable type from number to text, and even tried adding a timer since I noticed that it seems like the value is changed back immediately to the previous value when I do tests, and it is still not working as expected.

Regarding the music, I decided to drop the 8-bit version. Considering the effort needed to create them, I don't think it add much to the gameplay [...]
Hi, everyone! :)
I have just returned to my hometown tonight, and was kinda tired and.. overslept. Hence, the late recap for week #135 of Proto Blast development. It is another quick one, though.
I'm still trying to find out the solution to the music and sound mechanism problem. The button click is actually works as proven when I added a sound effect as a response to the click, so the problem is more likely with the variables regarding the audio.

I also reverted the sound commands to be channel-less so that they don't suffer the cancelling problem.
Well, [...]
Hello, everybody! :)
The work on Proto Blast continues. This week's recap is a quick one, though.
Regarding the sound volume problem, since the solution seems like nowhere to be found (at least where I bumped to), I decided to change the mechanism instead. Instead of enabling the player to set the both music and SFX volume individually, I decided to make the volume control works for audio in general, and then let the user choose to enable/disable the music or SFX.

However, it is still not working as expected, so I need to tune some of the codes before calling it ready. So, the lists [...]